2019 Spring 10×10 Challenge: Outfits and Recap

March 31, 2019

The 2019 Spring 10×10 Challenge is officially over so that means it’s officially time to wrap it up.

It surprised me how different this challenge felt compared to the last one. This is partly due to it being hosted by different people but also because I tried a new approach with social media and the way I kept up with the challenge.

Also, I can’t believe how many of these outfits were new to me even though I wear most of these items on a regular basis. It goes to show you that you really can do a lot with a minimal wardrobe!

This post is going to be a long one! Here’s everything I’ll be covering:

• The 10 Items
• The 10 Outfits
• Thoughts on the #STSFxBFBIPOC10x10
• Conclusion

The Ten Pieces

• Striped Tee by Club Monaco
• Blue Print Top from Target
• Gray Striped Blouse by Madewell
• Black Silk Tee by Cuyana
• White Skinny Jeans by Joe’s Jeans
• Black Pants by J.Crew
• Black Pencil Skirt by Loft (Thrifted)
• White Sneakers by Vans
• Black Block Heel Sandals from Nordstrom Rack
• Black Patent Flats from Nordstrom Rack

The color palette was mainly black and white with one blue top for good measure. Nothing really new here but it’s basically reflects the color I have in my main wardrobe.

Many of these items are power horses for me but I did go out on a limb by only including white skinny jeans (no black or dark denim skinny jeans!) and the pencil skirt was a bit risky as we’ve had a rainy transition from winter to spring. I also included these black pants because Arnaud loves them on me but I rarely wear them out.

As a refresher, I kept my ten pieces to tops, bottoms, and shoes. I didn’t count items like coats and jackets, accessories, bras and undies, and loungewear. You’ll also notice I chose to include a pair of sneakers so I could get a break from fancy shoes every once in a while.

The 10 Outfits

During the last challenge, I got super stressed out about taking photos every morning. So, this time around I decided to take a bunch of outfit photos ahead of time and then choose outfits as each day came and went. This was huge! It helped me prep for the challenge and relieved a lot of stress.

Fun fact: I miscalculated the end date and accidentally stopped the challenge on Day 9. I’ll chalk this up to a little bit of whoops and a lot of bit of me being over it.

Still, how fascinating! * I learned that I can push my creativity with a style challenge and can stop doing it whenever I want. This is a big lesson for someone who loves to follow rules and always does everything to a T.

Anyhow, here are the ten outfits:

Outfit 1
• Items: Striped tee, black pants, and black patent flats
• Extras: Camel coat and simple silver necklace
• Thoughts: Though it looks chic, this outfit was essentially like wearing pajamas thanks to the cotton tee, black pants with an elastic waistband, and robe-like coat.

Outfit 2
• Items: Black silk tee, white skinny jeans, and black block heel sandals
• Extras: Trench coat and simple silver necklace
• Thoughts: An easy combo that worked for the office but could easily transition to a night out.

Outfit 3
• Items: Gray striped blouse, black pencil skirt, and black block heel sandals
• Extras: None pictured (although I did wear my trench coat that day)
• Thoughts: Loved the proportions of this blousy top tucked into the slim pencil skirt.

Outfit 4
• Items: Blue print top, white skinny jeans, and black block heel sandals
• Extras: Black leather jacket and silver hoop earrings
• Thoughts: One of my favorite outfits! It’s part spring and part bad ass thanks to my beloved leather jacket. Planning to wear on repeat all season long.

Outfit 5
• Items: Black silk tee, white skinny jeans, and white sneakers
• Extras: Gray hoodie, black sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, and French market bag
• Thoughts: Easy, breezy weekend look.

Outfit 6
• Items: Striped tee, black pencil skirt, and black block heel sandals
• Extras: Black modern earrings, silver bracelet, black Keep Cup, and black purse
• Thoughts: Even though I’m wearing a t-shirt, the other elements of the outfit really dress it up and make it work appropriate.

Outfit 7
• Items: Gray striped blouse, black pants and black patent flats
• Extras: Dark denim jacket, silver hoop earrings, and silver watch
• Thoughts: Why was I never wearing these pants before this challenge?! They are super comfy yet have a sophisticated, clean cut. They are also a great match for the striped button-up and structured denim jacket.

Outfit 8
• Items: Black silk tee, black pants, and black block heel sandals
• Extras: Black envelope clutch and silver hoops earrings
• Thoughts: Very proud that I waited this long into the challenge to wear all black. But gah, isn’t it chic? I’ll be wearing this new combo a lot more often now that the weather is warmer.

Outfit 9
• Items: Striped tee, white jeans, and white sneakers
• Extras: Black leather jacket, silver hoops earrings, and black purse
• Thoughts: Although I wear all black all the time, this all white outfit was something new for me. Loved the sportiness and so did everyone else as this was the outfit that got the most compliments.

Outfit 10
• Items: Blue printed top, black pencil skirt, and black block heel sandals
• Extras: Trench coat and silver hoops earrings
• Thoughts: Annnnd here’s my whoops outfit! Definitely cute and definitely worth wearing in real life.

Thoughts on the #STSFxBFBIPOC10x10

The hosts of the Spring 10×10 challenge asked participants to highlight items made by Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.

Although I don’t own anything made by BIPOC makers, I loved learning about new brands and am totaling eyeing some pieces like this cropped linen top by Two Days Off and the lounger midi pant in navy by The Tiny Closet.

It’s probably no surprise that this challenge wasn’t just about clothes. Many of the participants wrote about inclusivity in the slow fashion community and the fashion world as a whole. I admire the women who told their own stories and spoke eloquently about how we can expand and diversify our communities online and in real life.


Another challenge in the books and quite a few lessons learned!

There was a lot less pressure for me keep up this time around so I didn’t carry around any unnecessary stress. However, one downside of intentionally disconnecting is that I felt a bit distanced from the community. Maybe next time I will find a better balance as the community element was a huge pro for me in the fall.

In regards to clothing, I was surprised by how much this challenge pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and try new outfits. I loved this part so much that I’m going to post outfit photos more often on Instagram as a way to document my personal style.

And there you have it! I enjoyed the 10×10 Style Challenge and am looking forward to the next one.

P.S. More posts on the 10×10 Challenge.

* At one point during her capsule wardrobe journey, Caroline Joy explained how she learned to reframe a mistake and see it as a lesson by simply exclaiming “How fascinating!” Read more about it over here.