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French Connections

February 21, 2017

French Connections |

Ah, le three day week-end. Is there anything as sweet as having Monday off? I spent most of my weekend weathering the storm by listening to old podcasts from The Minimalists, flipping through old issues of Cherry Bombe magazine, and reading the book of poetry by Rupi Kaur pictured above. Hope you too had a relaxing time!

An ode to France’s beloved Boursin cheese.
• Awesome advice on dinner party music from restaurant owners.
The New Essentials of French Cooking.
Clean the zero waste way with these tips from Chloé (aka one of my favorite French Girls).
• Make a freezer care package for someone going through a tough time.
• Molly nailed it with this easy, modern way to organize a spice drawer.
All the best appetizers from Trader Joe’s.
• Bought this nasty keychain and I heart it.
• Garance Doré gets advice from on expert on dinner party etiquette.

French Connections

December 13, 2016

French Connections |

T-minus 6 days until the monsieur and I are on a plane headed to Kauai. Can you believe that in five and a half years of marriage we’ve never taken a vacation with just us two? It seems as if we are long overdue and we can’t wait for a week of beautiful beaches and romantic candlelit dinners. Hawaii here we come!

• This French-inspired print would make the perfect holiday present.
A gal can never have too many tote bags, right?
• If you have any French-loving cooks in your life, then this gift guide has you covered.
5 hosting hacks from a top blogger and fabulous hostess.
• Holiday parties = small talk central. Get some tips here.
Some thoughts on learning French.
• A wine and cheese map that is freakin’ magical. Seriously, try it!
• Garance Doré chats about entertaining with her friends.
• Wine extraordinaire Marissa A. Ross nails it with this short series.

French Connections

October 4, 2016

French Connections |

The monsieur and I are currently caught in a whirlwind of work so all we can think about is a Hawaiian vacation where we do absolutely nothing. Okay, maybe we’ll do a few things like search out the best shaved ice or go on a hike but most of our days will be eat, sleep, beach, repeat. If you’ve ever been to Kauai, then I’d love to hear your tips. In the meantime, enjoy these wining, dining, and styling links.

15 cabernets under $15 from Trader Joe’s.
• Gotta try this recipe for giant, cheesy puffy dough things.
Something to consider when buying cheap wine. Note to self.
• Vanessa Jackman’s recaps of Paris Fashion Week are always my fave.
A great tutorial on making zee best cheese plate.
• If you’ve got a little chica in your life, then this is the perfect gift.
• The Madewell et Sézane® collection launched today! Youpi!
Rosé gummy bear recipe? Yes way!
• Finally, a workout plan that I can actually get behind.

French Connections

August 9, 2016

French Connections |

Isn’t summer the best? Long days full of fun like block parties, margaritas and tacos, picking fresh tomatoes off the vine, and mornings at the beach. It’s just like heaven and I hope it never ends. What’s up next? That frosé for starters and then the perfect summer read (second to last bullet).

Yes way frozen rosé.
• A detailed guide to help you take care of table linens.
The thing your sandwiches are missing.
• The French would definitely approve of these table manners.
• Totally not a summer recipe but I totally want to make it.
• Bookmarking this fun travel guide for our next trip to Paris.
French wine barrels vs. American wine barrels.
• Adding this novel to my summer reading list.
• Some tips on how to look stylish while traveling.

French Connections

June 23, 2016

French Connections |

Exactly one year ago today, I started the Modern French blog. The first post was about how my French Obsession began and set the tone for 12 months of Francophile-tinged posts. To date, blogging has been my favorite pastime. I rush home from work and wake up early to write, and loved taking white-spaced filled photos even thought they aren’t all that great.

Every once in a while, someone pops up and gives me a compliment. It makes my day, nay my month, especially as I’m the worst self-promoter and never tell anyone about my blog. So, if you’re sitting here reading this, I don’t know how you got here (Internet miracle?) but I can already tell I like you.

Ten tips for decorating your home à la française.
• Snaps of Hotel Grand Amour in Paris. I want to go to there.
• The ultimate guide to dining al fresco.
• Wedding season is in full effect and wine might just make the perfect gift.
• Need to make time for this fashion exhibit at LACMA.
This song on repeat. #summeranthem
• Nothing says summer like a straw woven tote.
Download French-themed wallpaper for free. I’m partial to the “Oh la laaa” one.
• And finally, the first Modern French blog post for nostalgia’s sake.

French Connections

May 3, 2016

French Connections |

This past weekend I went to a bachelorette party, something that is very different in your 30s than your 20s. For example, no one bats an eye when the bride announces she wants to go home early (because we’re all tired anyways) and the vodka goes untouched (but all the wine is gone). Though, some things never change and, ultimately, I got to spend the weekend chatting and laughing with some of my oldest gal pals. Heart you girls!

• Starting my mornings with this French jazz show makes me feel instantly cooler.
Surprisingly good tips about dressing like a French girl.
• Get to know the other side of Burgundy wine (aka white grapes, not red ones).
An old French apartment gets a light, modern facelift.
• Chloé, a French girl and a friend, will inspire you to live a simpler, greener, and happier life.
A fantastic way to approach how you pair wine with food.
• Just copy and paste me into her life, s’il vous plait et merci.
French folks try American champagne and live to tell the tale.
• The Great Trench Coat Search has finally ended up with this perfection.

A Day in the Life

March 8, 2016

A Day in the Life |

7:00 am: My brother is the first person to wish me happy birthday and simultaneously wakes me up. All is forgiven since the text message also comes from my 11-month old niece. Shortly thereafter, my parents sing happy birthday in perfect harmony over the phone.

8:00 am: After I flip through the street style pics from Paris Fashion Week and listen to Toi mon toit by Elli Medeiros (an 80s French classic), I feel sufficiently energized to take on the first day of my 33rd year on this planet.

9:00 am: We’re off to Steelhead Coffee for the most perfect cappuccino ever and a scrumptious cheddar bacon scone. This neighborhood haunt delivers on deliciousness and the modern industrial design is just the icing on the cake.

10:00 am: I learn how to say, “Trente trois ans et toutes mes dents!” It rhymes nicely in French and hilariously translates to “33 years old and still have all my teeth!” We laugh at the corniness of it.

11:00 am: Just Eat It, a documentary about food waste, is showing so I drag Arnaud to see it. I instantly feel more informed but also slightly guilty for tossing the rest of an old salad the evening before.

1:00 pm: We pop in for a Vietnamese meal at Number Nine. I majorly heart this place for the uber-modern design and abundance of white as much as the pho made with free-range, grass-fed beef.

2:00 pm: For a while now, I’ve been dying to test-drive a Mini Cooper. Birthday girl gets what she wants so we take one for a spin at the local dealer. I tend to like the slightly older models, which makes trading my current car for a baby coops a real possibility!!!

4:00 pm: Arnaud gets the genius idea to make crepes for goûter aka French snack time. I eat mine with bananas and Nutella all the while pretending to be in Paris just like this video.

5:00 pm: Birthday wishes from friends and family swarm in. Each one puts a smile on my face. Meanwhile, I watch a Skillshare class titled Buy Smart, Taste More: Getting Started with Wine.

6:00 pm: Now that I know that much more about wine, I decide to put my new skills to use. We break open a new bottle and have a glass while Arnaud prepares a wood fire for a BBQ dinner.

7:00 pm: Neither of us is all that hungry so we forego the dinner. I sneak a few bites of the Olive Oil Roasted Leeks because it’s a Bon Appétit recipe that I tried for the first time. Two thumbs up!

8:00 pm: Welcome to the most ridiculous part of my day! One of the best moments of this past year was on a dance floor where I twirled around in a beautiful ball gown to some super poppy song while confetti rained down on me. We recreate this moment and film it for my co-workers.

9:00 pm: House of Cards just released a few days ago and I have somehow stopped myself from binging on the entire season. Tonight we cuddle up and watch the third episode together. I make a mental note to dress more chic like Claire Underwood.

10:00 pm: It’s bedtime for grandmas like me. I fall asleep in a haze of good times and good wine. It may only be the beginning of this year for me, but I can already tell it’s going be a good one.

French Connections

January 26, 2016

French Connections | French Connections

We’ve had a nice, quiet start to the year here at Maison Pacaut. There has been lots of time to do New Years-y things like catch up with old friends, cook healthy meals, clean out closets, and dream in a big way. As always, I’m excited to see what the future will bring. A belated bonne année to you all!

• Some real talk about the type of wine glasses you should buy.
• Bowie sang “Heroes” in French.
• I am forever on the hunt for the perfect trench coat. This just might be it.
• Get your cuddle on this winter to these French films on Netflix.
• Find out how to cook an egg any way you want with this comprehensive guide.
• Champagne too expensive? Pick up a bottle of sparkling wine and save.
• Leather, Lamé, St. Laurent: Josephine de la Baume’s closet is so French girl cool.
Did you know you can put wine in a blender?!?!?!

French Connections

November 25, 2015

French Connections |

Things are still a bit rough in France since the attacks, but I’m amazed by the outpour of love from everyone around the world. Humanity has a way of revealing itself in such a beautiful way during terrible times like these. But enough with all this heavy stuff! Here are some light links about Frenchie things for you. Hope you enjoy them while we continue to enjoy zee wine and cheese over here.

• Camille Rowe gives her funny take on zee French vs. Americans. #spoton
• Freezing temps in France so this cozy scarf is a necessity.
• Jenny Lyons wrote a love letter to a skirt.
Wine boot camp? Sounds like my kind of work out.
• I really, really, really want this print of the Louvre for our mantle.
• Garance Doré and Emmanuelle Alt talk style. I die.
• Speaking of, we’re all reading her book, non?
• Aziz killed it with the music in Master of None. 100 French points for including this song.
Oh Happy Day tackles Cheese Plate 101.

French Connections

September 8, 2015

French Connections |

Did everyone have a lovely three-day weekend? My weekend was particularly lazy with lots of magazine flipping and wine sipping. Not that I’m complaining! Here’s a list of Frenchie-inspired links for all you Francophiles out there:

Rosé is crazy popular so now there is a rosé shortage. Noooooo!
• Great video how-to on classic French Onion Soup.
• We need to plan a party so I can make this modern cheese plate.
• Been listening to this song on repeat.
An ode to 99-cent Dijon mustard.
• Wine blending is hard work: One couple lives to tell the tale.
• I might just have to order this book. #guiltypleasures
• All the best of Julia Child in one place.
• A $7 Côtes du Rhône with character? Get thee to a Costco.
• Putting the punk rock into Washington wine.