French Connections

November 25, 2015

French Connections | Alyssa Pacaut

Things are still a bit rough in France since the attacks, but I’m amazed by the outpour of love from everyone around the world. Humanity has a way of revealing itself in such a beautiful way during terrible times like these. But enough with all this heavy stuff! Here are some light links about Frenchie things for you. Hope you enjoy them while we continue to enjoy zee wine and cheese over here.

• Camille Rowe gives her funny take on zee French vs. Americans. #spoton
• Freezing temps in France so this cozy scarf is a necessity.
• Jenny Lyons wrote a love letter to a skirt.
Wine boot camp? Sounds like my kind of work out.
• I really, really, really want this print of the Louvre for our mantle.
• Garance Doré and Emmanuelle Alt talk style. I die.
• Speaking of, we’re all reading her book, non?
• Aziz killed it with the music in Master of None. 100 French points for including this song.
Oh Happy Day tackles Cheese Plate 101.

2 thoughts on “French Connections

  1. Chloé

    We watched Master of none last week and I totally loved the music!
    I loved reading Jenna’s watermelon skirt in the Lenny newsletter, I had no idea about her struggles!
    Ha that Camille Rowe’s video, so funny. Err, can I say how much it scares me that we watch, read and listen to the same stuff?!
    I can’t wait to read more articles after your French immersion, even though it must be pretty intense to be over there right now.
    Take care.

  2. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    Haha, our internet browsing is strangely similar. World wide web besties for life!

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