French Connections

June 23, 2016

French Connections | Alyssa Pacaut

Exactly one year ago today, I started the Modern French blog. The first post was about how my French Obsession began and set the tone for 12 months of Francophile-tinged posts. To date, blogging has been my favorite pastime. I rush home from work and wake up early to write, and loved taking white-spaced filled photos even though they aren’t all that great.

Every once in a while, someone pops up and gives me a compliment. It makes my day, nay my month, especially as I’m the worst self-promoter and never tell anyone about my blog. So, if you’re sitting here reading this, I don’t know how you got here (Internet miracle?) but I can already tell I like you.

Ten tips for decorating your home à la française.
• Snaps of Hotel Grand Amour in Paris. I want to go to there.
• The ultimate guide to dining al fresco.
• Wedding season is in full effect and wine might just make the perfect gift.
• Need to make time for this fashion exhibit at LACMA.
This song on repeat. #summeranthem
• Nothing says summer like a straw woven tote.
Download French-themed wallpaper for free. I’m partial to the “Oh la laaa” one.
• And finally, the first Modern French blog post for nostalgia’s sake.

4 thoughts on “French Connections

  1. Beth

    I love everything French too. I found you one day while searching for inspiration. Now I have your blog bookmarked. Thanks for taking the time to make this lovely blog!

  2. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    Merci Beth! Your kind words have totally made my day, and aren’t the French zee best?!

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