French Connections

October 4, 2016

French Connections | Alyssa Pacaut

The monsieur and I are currently caught in a whirlwind of work so all we can think about is a Hawaiian vacation where we do absolutely nothing. Okay, maybe we’ll do a few things like search out the best shaved ice or go on a hike but most of our days will be eat, sleep, beach, repeat. If you’ve ever been to Kauai, then I’d love to hear your tips. In the meantime, enjoy these wining, dining, and styling links.

15 cabernets under $15 from Trader Joe’s.
• Gotta try this recipe for giant, cheesy puffy dough things.
Something to consider when buying cheap wine. Note to self.
• Vanessa Jackman’s recaps of Paris Fashion Week are always my fave.
A great tutorial on making zee best cheese plate.
• If you’ve got a little chica in your life, then this is the perfect gift.
• The Madewell et Sézane® collection launched today! Youpi!
Rosé gummy bear recipe? Yes way!
• Finally, a workout plan that I can actually get behind.

4 thoughts on “French Connections

  1. Chloe | Conscious by Chloe

    OK, so:
    1. I want all your Hawaii tips after you come back.
    2. The Parisian workout made me laugh.
    3. Thank you for the Vanessa Jackman link, I stopped following her maaaaany years ago and felt a lot of nostalgia when the page started uploading. Why did I ever stop following her? It’s now back in my feed. Thank you thank you!

  2. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    Ha, that’s funny! I just rediscovered Vanessa Jackman too. She is one of those blogs that I always follow and unfollow.

    By the way, see you in less than a month!!!!

  3. Flurspiegel

    Don’t forget to take snorkelling equipment with you to Kauai and perhaps a waterproof case for the camera. I’ve seen wonderful pictures of turtles in the waves, which a friend of mine took not too far from the beach. I hope you enjoy(ed) your holiday.

  4. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    These are great tips, merci! Luckily enough we did bring snorkeling stuff but I’ll put the waterproof case for my phone for next time.

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