Wine Review: Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc

February 16, 2016

Wine Review: Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc

Wine: Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc
Region: Paso Robles
Retailer: Trader Joe’s
Price: $6.99

True story: This blog post almost didn’t get published. See, the entire wine review was composed in my head and I sat down to write it, but then I made the big mistake of doing a quick Google search. Surely, I thought, there must be legions of other winos who love this Cabernet Franc as much as I do.

Ehhhhh (buzzer noise), wrong! Turns out a lot of fancy pants folks really hate this wine and I can’t really figure out why. It’s light, berry-forward with a slight touch of pepper, and goes down easy. Actually, it goes down so easily that I couldn’t keep a bottle in our wine cabinet long enough to take a photo during the day.*

The first rule about Wine Club: Talk about the wines you love no matter what other people think. The second rule about Wine Club: Seek out the Trader Joe’s wine guy.** Rob at our local Joe’s asked me a few questions about my taste in wine and then suggested three new bottles that were all within our budget. This one was the front-runner but his other picks will be getting reviews soon.

This bottle is a daily drinker or as Arnaud says, “It’s a great table wine.” You can pretty much drink it with anything: Pizza, pasta, pulled pork, roasted lamb, or any dish with meat. It also pairs well with light appetizers, vegetarian dishes, and hearty salads. Or take a cue from the lady on the label and sip it while laying about on a lazy afternoon. I promise you’ll love it no matter what.

* Seriously, it took me six weeks to take a photo and I had to practically lock it away to stop us from drinking it.

** Oui oui, I know I should just change this series to Trader Joe’s Wine Review. I’ll review a bottle from another store next time!

22 thoughts on “Wine Review: Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc

  1. BigRed57

    This wine was banned in Michigan when originally released because the state’s alcohol regulator thought the drawing of a naked woman was a bit too risque!

  2. Steve ballinger

    I love Cab Franc–it’s a streightforward wine with little pretense and tastes exactly like what it is.
    You can not beat this wine for the price, and as a second bottle it achieves near immortality.
    Also the label looks like a Klimt doodle
    Good good good

  3. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    Bonjour Steve! You are so right, and I had never thought of the label art as compared to Klimt. Glad you are a fan of this wine too!

  4. Ginny

    I like this wine…it’s fun and EZ. ALso love the art on the lable. I always bring this one when going to friends for a get together. It seems to always be a hit.

  5. CJ

    I loved this wine since the first taste but I’m no expert (although I know what I like for sure). And I love the bottle!!

  6. Mayra Glantz

    I love the he wine and now Trader Joes decided to stop bringing the wine. Cant find it anywhere. Always wanted to keep abottle and didnt. So sad. Loved the art

  7. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    Noooooooooo! Maybe we need to start a petition to bring back the Lazy Bones…

  8. Alyssa Pacaut Post author

    That’s a bummer. Now that you bring it up, I don’t think I’ve seen it in a while. I’ll ask the Joe the wine guy next time I go into our local TJ’s.

  9. Ross Fields

    My wife and I had just done a tasting with wine paring at one of our favorite local eateries where a very nice Cabernet Franc – Malbec blend was paired with the entree’, steak. Delicious. So the next day while at Trader Joe’s I too asked my wine guy to point me in the direction of this blend. His answer – get a bottle of Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc and blend it with a bottle of Andean Moon Malbec. Perfect. Didn’t get to scientific about it. Got out a few classes and started with a 1 to 1 blend. Tasted great so just poured the contents of both bottles in a 3 liter mason jar and gently stirred the contents. We transferred have into the malbec bottle – love screw tops and drank the rest throughout the afternoon and with dinner – flank steak from Butcher Box and a nice garden salad. Life is good.

  10. Iskra Revington

    I love the wine, lucky because I bought it,because of the label. Very cool. Can you tell me if it is sold anywhere in Montreal, Canada?

  11. Susan

    Just bought a bottle of this today in Greenville, SC…..can’t wait to try it!! Love the label!!

  12. Susan

    Just finished the bottle! LOVED IT!! Wish I had bought more!! Gotta go back as soon as I can to get more!!! It’s an easy drinking wine!!

  13. Steve

    Just bought my third bottle of this wine in two weeks and thought I’d check the interwebs to see what the word on the street about it was. Glad to see that my appreciation of this bottle is validated! I’m curious about the little pricier Navigator Cab Franc also available at TJ’s…

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