2018 Fall 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe and Outfits

November 1, 2018

Did you hear about the Fall 10×10 Challenge?

This is a style challenge where you create 10 outfits from 10 pieces that you wear over the course of 10 days. It’s a fun way to get creative with your clothes and take a minimalist wardrobe for a spin.

The count includes tops, bottoms, and shoes while accessories, outerwear, pajamas, and work out clothes flow in and out freely. Lee from Style Bee, creator of the 10×10 Challenge, put together this informative post with more details on the challenge and tons of great advice.

It was super fun participating in the challenge. While I enjoyed putting together outfits and challenging my personal style, the best part was following along with the community and connecting with other like-minded souls. I was also surprised that my biggest take-away was not style related (more on that below).

The Ten Pieces

White Tank Top by Cuyana
Black Tee by Cuyana
• White Striped Tee by Loft
Denim Skinny Jeans by Banana Republic
Black Skinny Jeans by Banana Republic
• Red Midi Skirt from Anthropologie
Black Pencil Skirt by Loft
• Black Wide-Leg Romper from Anneise
Black Block Heel Sandals by Target
Black Ballet Flats by Banana Republic

Following the lead of Caroline of Unfancy, accessories, outerwear, pajamas, or work out clothes were not included in the count. It was definitely beneficial to have full reign with outerwear as different jackets and coats helped break things up.

Given that my minimalist wardrobe is largely made up of black clothing, it’s no surprise black made up the majority of this capsule wardrobe. You’ll also notice that there is a faint nod to the classic French style that I adore.

It probably looks more like spring capsule wardrobe than fall one. That’s because the weather has been fairly warm here in Southern California.

Although most of these things get worn on a regular basis, the black wide-legged romper and red midi skirt rarely make it out into the real world. My hope was to find some new ways to style these pieces so I can wear them more often.

The Twelve Outfits

Now let’s get into the outfits!

These are the ten looks I wore during the challenge plus two bonus outfits to show that you really can do quite a lot with only ten items.

Outfit 1
• Items: White tank top, red midi skirt, and black sandals
• Extras: Sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, and circle basket purse
• Thoughts: No outfit garnered more compliments and I felt like a million bucks! Win win!

Outfit 2
• Items: Striped tee, black skinny jeans, and ballet flats
• Extras: Black purse and freshly-trimmed bangs
• Thoughts: A comfortable look I’ve been wearing for years now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Outfit 3
• Items: Black tee, pencil skirt, and black sandals
• Extras: Black sculptural earrings and circle basket bag
• Thoughts: Quite possibly my fave look of the entire batch! This tee is super comfy but looks fancy because of the way it drapes. The earrings and bag also help dress it up.

Outfit 4
• Items: White tank top, skinny jeans, and ballet flats
• Extras: Red lipstick, black blazer, white watch, and black tote bag
• Thoughts: Felt very professional in this outfit. The white watch plays off the white top, which makes the look feel more pulled together.

Outfit 5
• Items: Black tee, black skinny jeans, and ballet flats
• Extras: Black sunglasses and silver hoop earrings
• Thoughts: All black everything is chic and easy. If the weather was cooler, I would have worn a trench coat to add some interest.

Outfit 6
• Items: Striped tee, skinny jeans, and ballet flats
• Extras: Green field jacket and black Re-Kanken backpack
• Thoughts: Another tried-and-true outfit formula that works! Wore this to run some errands.

Outfit 7
• Items: Black tee, skinny jeans, and ballet flats
• Extras: None (unless you count that coffee cup)
• Thoughts: Although a bit boring, this outfit was perfect for loungin’ around on a lazy Sunday.

Outfit 8
• Items: Striped tee, pencil skirt, and black sandals
• Extras: Silver watch and trench coat
• Thoughts: Surprised by how a simple combination could be elevated by the addition of a trench coat. Will wear again!

Outfit 9
• Items: Black tee, black romper, and black sandals
• Extras: Silver hoop earrings and a beige belt
• Thoughts: Made this wide-legged romper more casual by layering on the black tee. Love this look and will be wearing more often for sure!

Outfit 10
• Items: White tank top, black skinny jeans, and ballet flats
• Extras: Navy cropped trench coat and silver hoop earrings
• Thoughts: Same formula as Outfit 4 but different enough to pass off as something new. Another great outfit for work!

Outfit 11 (Bonus Outfit!)
• Items: Striped tee, red skirt, and black sandals
• Extras: Black leather jacket
• Thoughts: A cute and sassy outfit perfect for a wine date with a friend.

Outfit 12 (Bonus Outfit!)
• Items: Black romper and black sandals
• Extras: Black sculptural earrings and black clutch
• Thoughts: This outfit would be great for a fancy date night or any special event really.

Thoughts on the #Fall10x10

Putting together outfits was pretty easy for me since I’ve had a minimalist wardrobe for years. It didn’t hurt that the Southern California weather was cooperative and we experienced similar temps throughout the challenge.

Next time around I’ll only include three bottoms so I can have another top or an extra pair of shoes. I also liked playing around with different silhouettes so I’ll probably limit myself to one pair of skinny jeans.

Though taking photos of my outfits was time consuming, it was a great way to see what combinations worked well. My designer husband often talks about lines and silhouettes. Since he couldn’t be my mirror every day, the photos helped me figure out when to nip something in at the waist and why certain jackets worked better with certain outfits.

Other style lessons learned were that 1) I love wearing color and 2) I now have a better idea of how to dress down a fancier piece like the silky wide-legged romper.

Thoughts on #10x10RepresentationMatters

When I started this challenge, I thought I’d have a fun time putting together some new outfits and learn a few styling tricks along the way. Little did I know that #10x10RepresentationMatters would pop into my feed and rock my world!

Reading through everyone’s stories was initially hard for me. As an eternal optimist living in a diverse and tolerant city, I sometimes forget how much hate is still prevalent in our world. The reminder hurt just as much as the realization that I saw myself in everyone’s stories.

Though it was quite the emotional journey, the hashtag lead me to the conclusion that representation matters just as much as connections matter. I’m so grateful to have found a group of strong, smart, and stylish women who make Instagram an inspiring, meaningful place. I highly suggest you give Roe, GinaElim, and Élan a follow!


Whew! Who knew that a style challenge could make such an impact?

I for one am very happy that I finally joined in after watching from the sidelines for so many years. Looking forward to the next challenge and what it may bring!

P.S. Here’s a peek into my minimalist wardrobe. and a peak into my minimalist make-up.