2018 Food and Wine Resolutions

January 2, 2018

2018 Food and Wine Resolutions

Though I’m not usually a fan of resolutions, setting a few goals around food and wine is definitely something I can get behind. Here are some things I have in mind for the new year!

Focus on a Few Recipes
Instead of tackling a ton of new recipes, I want to hone in on a few classics and master them. I’ll start with roasted chicken, cooking it again and again until I can practically make it in my sleep. Bread will be next and then maybe something from this list.

Start a Wine Club
Since I already alluded to it in this post, I may as well fully commit today. I’m starting a wine club that will actually be a fun, casual gathering in disguise. We’ll sample a few wines and figure out what we like best. The only rule will be no wine snobs allowed!

Shop at the Farmer’s Market
Is it weird that I have an unnatural fear of shopping at the farmer’s market? Thankfully a close friend has offered to help me face my fears show me around our local market so all I have to do is get a date on the calendar.

Throw a Dinner Party Where Anything Goes
Even though I love planning menus and setting the table just so, I also love the idea of letting go and putting the focus on getting together. I’ll invite a ton of people and we’ll make a ton of pasta. Everyone will be happy and relaxed, including the hostess!

Try Subscribing to a CSA Box
Everyone says that the first few weeks of a CSA subscription are pure veggie bliss. You cook healthier than ever before and learn about leafy greens that you didn’t know existed. While enthusiasm seems to wane after a while, I’d like to give it a try for a couple months.

Plan a Neighborhood Potluck
Activism isn’t only about protests and radical acts. Bringing people together from different backgrounds can help build a healthier community. I’d like to start in our neighborhood by inviting everyone over for a potluck.

P.S. Some more thoughts on this year and a diary that’s worth keeping.