2018 Minimalist Wardrobe

September 24, 2018



Today I’m sharing my minimalist wardrobe.

These are stylish workhorses that I wear on a regular basis. They take me from work at the office to wine dates with my girls, dinner parties on the weekends, and everything in-between.

A couple years ago I posted about my minimalist wardrobes for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. You’ll notice things haven’t changed much as I’m still rocking classic pieces in black, white, blue, and beige. In fact, black makes up a whopping 54% of the items in my closet with blue following close behind at 17%, beige at 14%, and white at 11%. This past summer I bought a red skirt and it’s been a fun addition after all these years in neutrals.

While we’re dropping stats pulled from my super cool wardrobe tracking document (nerd glasses up!), I had 194 pieces of clothing in 2014 which I then pared down to 84 in 2016. Earlier this year, I got that number down to 65 and I’ve been waiting for my Minimalist of the Year award ever since.

Jokes aside, my closet is now better curated because 1) I got better at letting go of things that I don’t wear anymore, 2) I stopped filling up my closet with things just because they were trendy or on sale, and 3) I shop less but invest in high-quality pieces that will last.

Another change I’ve been working on is to move away from fast fashion. I’m proud to report that back in 2014 it made up 36% of my wardrobe but now only makes up 24%. Ideally fast fashion would make up an even smaller portion of my wardrobe, but I’m going to wait until the old items wear out before replacing them with the good stuff!

Speaking of the good stuff, I mainly shop at stores like J Crew, Banana Republic, and Nordstrom. Gap can be hit or miss in regards to quality but some of their stuff has held up for years. Also, I love everything that Madewell does in theory but their quality has taken a turn for the worst so I’m not shopping there for now.

Regarding responsible brands, Cuyana is my favorite. Prices are a bit high but totally worth the investment—I practically live in their black silk tee and pima cotton tank tops! Everlane is a cheaper alternative and beloved by the minimalist community. Though I haven’t had much luck with their tees and tanks (they changed shape a lot after only one wash), I do love my silk button-up from there.

By the way, I’m totally aware that I’m not making any fashion statements here. My minimalist wardrobe looks like every single capsule wardrobe out there and I’m cool with that. You can read more about my personal style here, but the main thing to know is that I wear all of this stuff because it works for my lifestyle.

That’s enough blabbering for now. Here’s what I have in my minimalist wardrobe!

Black Tank Top by Cuyana
White Tank Top by Cuyana
Black Tee by Cuyana
White Tee by Cuyana
• Black Striped Tee by Target
• White Striped Tee by Loft
Black Silk Tee by Cuyana
• Beige Hippie Blouse by Old Navy
• Blue Hippie Blouse by Target
Black Sweater by J Crew
Blue Sweater by J Crew
Black Silk Button-Up by Everlane
• Blue Striped Button-Up by Madewell

Dark Denim Skinny Jeans by Banana Republic
• Lighter Denim Skinny Jeans by Banana Republic
Black Skinny Jeans by Banana Republic
• Faded Black Skinny Jeans by Gap
• White Skinny Jeans by Joe’s Jeans
• Ripped Skinny Jeans by Joe’s Jeans
Black Skinny Pants by Banana Republic
Black Pencil Skirt by Loft
• Red Midi Skirt from Anthropologie
• White Denim Skirt by Target
Denim Skirt by Madewell
• Denim Shorts by Joe’s Jeans

Dresses and Rompers
• Black Sleeveless Dress by Banana Republic
• Beige Shift Dress with Black Detail by Vena Cava x Gap
• Black Shift Dress by Zara
• Black Sheath Dress from Nordstrom Rack
Navy Wrap Dress from J Crew
• Black Wide-Leg Romper from Anneise
• Black Sleeveless Romper from Loft

Jackets and Coats
• Denim Jacket by Gap
• Navy Trench Coat by Zara
• Trench Coat by Zara
Green Field Jacket by Old Navy
Black Blazer by J Crew
• Black Leather Jacket from Macy’s
• Black Wool Duffle Coat by Gap
Black Ultra Light Down Jacket by Uniqlo

• Black Beanie by J Crew
• Black Baseball Cap from Nordstrom Rack
• Beige Scarf
• Gray Scarf
• Black Scarf
Black Sunglasses by Warby Parker
• Black Clutch
Black Structured Tote Bag by Target
• Black Purse by Reed Krakoff
• Circle Basket Purse from Anneise
• French Market Basket Bag
Black Re-kanken Backpack by Fjallraven
• Black Skinny Belt by Target
• Black Leather Gloves from Macy’s

Nude Thong Sandals by Sam Edelman
Nude Ankle Strap Heels by Sam Edelman
Black Ankle Strap Heels by Sam Edelman
Black Block Heel Sandals by Target
Black Ballet Flats by Banana Republic
Black Patent Pumps by Calvin Klein
• Black Pointy Booties by Jessica Simpson
• Black Chelsea Boots by Lacoste
• Black Waterproof Boots by Ugg
Black Sneakers by Adidas
White Sneakers by Vans

As I mentioned above, my minimalist wardrobe currently has 65 pieces. If you count everything from pajamas and work out clothes to all my jewelry and every last pair of socks, then the count jumps to about 150 things. As always, I have my eye on a few things so these numbers will likely increase and I’m cool with that (I think, twitch).

Also, I have a plastic bin out in the garage of stuff that I can’t get rid of just yet. Most of these things have sentimental value like my wedding dress, the tees my girlfriends made for our senior year of high school, and some inherited jewelry that isn’t my style but holds a special place in my heart.

All this to say that you can still own stuff and keep things in the garage as a minimalist! No need to put random restraints on yourself if that’s not what you want to do.

Hope you found this post helpful or inspiring at the least. Now go on out with your bad minimalist self and look chic as hell! I’m rooting for you!

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