2020 May 30×30 Challenge

May 2, 2020

The May 30×30 Challenge started yesterday!

Similar to the 10×10 Challenge, this is a style challenge where you choose 30 pieces to wear over 30 days. It’s hosted by Jasmine from The Pleb Life and Sara from Petra Alexandra.

The Rules

The “rules” are pretty loose this time around seeing as how most of us are at staying at home and trying to survive this global pandemic.

Choose thirty pieces you love! You can count shoes and loungewear but you also don’t have to if you’re not feeling it. Accessories don’t count so we all have some leeway for styling.

If you are having trouble choosing thirty items, leave a few spaces for wildcards that you can add in at some point later in the challenge.

The Thirty Pieces

• 9 tops
• 6 bottoms
• 2 dresses
• 2 rompers
• 2 jackets
• 6 shoes
• 3 loungewear

My thirty pieces strike a balance between fantasy and reality. There are dresses and high heels for the dream outfits but also comfy tees, pajamas, and yoga leggings to keep it real.

Other than that, it is business usual. Lots of black and white with some denim and a striped tee for good measure.

I have plenty of tees and tanks that I can mix and match with skirts, shorts, and jeans. However, there are only two jackets since this month will be pretty hot in Southern California.

Lastly, I have no idea why I included so many pairs of shoes. Maybe wishful thinking that quarantine will be lifted and I’ll get the chance to wear them again?

Why I’m Participating

Although working from home in pajamas has its perks, I miss my closet! I’m hoping this May 30×30 gives me a good excuse to put together some cute outfits and feel more like myself.

Plus, you know I love a challenge! Setting guidelines and defining a limited count helps me get more creative. I know I’ll leave this with some new looks and a nice sense of accomplishment.

Looking forward to a stylish month!

P.S. Check out Rebecca’s classic and colorful pieces and here are some past 10×10 challenges if you need some inspiration.