Monthly Archives: February 2020

2020 Winter 10×10 Challenge

February 19, 2020

Before the winter ends here in California, I’m sharing my favorite cold-weather outfits with a 10×10 Challenge. This is when you choose 10 items of clothing and make 10 different outfits.

Creating a mini capsule wardrobe helps you get creative with what you already own. Perfect for someone like me who is doing a Low Buy Challenge and trying to shop less.

Here are the ten pieces and outfits!

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French Connections

February 14, 2020

Although the year got off to an intense start (more about that here), February has been a much calmer month. I’m learning to fill my weekends with things I love like good food, time with friends, lots of reading, and trips to the California coast.

It’s all more fulfilling than shopping but, boy oh boy, do I still want to buy tons of things. I’ve read that the urge to shop eventually subsides but it probably takes time. Anyways, here are some links for you to enjoy and have a great weekend!

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