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5 Essential Books for the Antiracist

May 30, 2020

Shocked by recent news? You shouldn’t be. Feeling guilty that you haven’t done much? Great, you should.

Racism runs rampant in our “modern age” and is a direct threat to black lives. If that wasn’t clear to you before, it should be very clear to you now.

Be a better ally for black people by educating yourself, taking action, and using your voice. Remember that silence is a privilege and neutrality helps the oppressor.

Here are some books that will help you begin to unlearn:

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French Connections

May 8, 2020

It’s day fifty-five of quarantine for me. Although I’m still dealing with pandemic-related stress (aren’t we all?), my worries seem to be coming from a healthier and more rational place this month.⁠

I’m trying to cherish the little things more than usual. Connecting with loved ones in a digital chat. Losing myself in a good book for an entire afternoon. Enjoying apéro hour with Arnaud at our petite maison. Elements of the good life in all its simplicity.

Hope you are healthy and safe, and here are some links for you to enjoy:

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