6 Great Podcasts for Foodies and Cooks

June 5, 2018

6 Great Podcasts for Foodies and Cooks | Alyssa Pacaut

What did we do before podcasts? I can’t seem to remember a time when I wasn’t listening to one on my way to work or when cooking.

You probably listen to tons of great podcasts already. But if you are a foodie and love to cook, then here are six of my favorites that you too may enjoy!

Good Food
Hosted by Evan Kleiman, this is an expertly-edited show that covers everything going on in the food world. Each episode is jam-packed with pieces that vary from fun cooking tips and interviews with cookbook authors to serious think pieces about food policy, sustainability, and ethics. Local Angelenos will love the Market Report where chefs and farmers discuss what’s popped up at the local markets and hearing about the newest restaurant from acclaimed critic Jonathan Gold.

Radio Cherry Bombe
If you identify as a diehard feminist AND a foodie, then you will love this podcast. Kerry Diamond, founder and editor of the equally awesome Cherry Bombe magazine, has connections to the most bad ass women in the food world. Interviews are honest and casual in a good way. It almost feels like you are enjoying a friendly conversation with the host and guest du jour over a nice meal.

The Splendid Table
Having recently taken the reigns from food goddess Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Francis Lam examines how food and culture intersect in this podcast. Lam’s interviews are smart and thought-provoking thanks to his past lives as a chef and food editor. My favorite part of the show is when listeners call in for practical advice on home cooking. You’ll also enjoy the spots with America’s Test Kitchen where they get geeky about kitchen gadgets and the science behind cooking.

The Racist Sandwich
As two POCs firmly rooted in the food world, Soleil Ho and Zahir Janmohamed are the perfect hosts for this podcast that puts a magnifying lends up to race, class, and gender in the food industry. Discussions are honest and raw, and they often dive into tough topics like harassment and appropriation. Give it a listen, you’ll be better informed and more woke because of it!

The Sporkful
Nobody has a better laugh or sense of humor than Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful and all-around food-obsessed dude. When he’s not taking you on a food crawl or interviewing comedians about their favorite dishes, he’s going on a deep journalistic dive into an obscure food topic and revealing what it means to our culture and society. Don’t miss his live shows where he chats with animated guests and often hosts lively food debates!

Inside Trader Joe’s
Are you huge fan of Trader Joe’s? If so, you’ll enjoy binging this five-part series. Each brief episode gives you a glimpse of how the cult grocery store is run. It also answers all the questions you’ve ever had from how new products are chosen to why their parking lots are always so small. I only have one question left: How do I apply for the wine team?

P.S. A television series any foodie would love and great music to play at your dinner party.