6 Things I Always Pack

July 8, 2019



Even though our travel destinations vary greatly, there are always six things I pack no matter what.

Ear Plugs
A silent night can help guarantee a good night’s sleep but sometimes your surroundings don’t seem to agree with you. I keep a pair of Hearos ear plugs in small plastic case, which makes it easier to find them in my toiletry bag and keeps them from getting dirty.

Black Mesh Pouches
See-through pouches come in handy to organize all the little bits and bobs that would normally get lost in your bag. I usually have one full of chargers and cords and another for travel documents like passports and tickets.

Multi USB Wall Charger
Electrical plugs are often ill-placed or are simply few and far between. I take this charger and put it in a central location so we can charge our phones and other electronics.

Too many times I suffered through a vacation with blisters and band aids covering my feet. Now I always take a pair of sneakers (usually these white Vans) and end up wearing them for most of the trip.

Paper Map
After unsuccessfully navigating with my phone’s map on a couple trips, I rediscovered paper maps and will never go back. When camping we grab the free map at the visitor center. For other trips, I check out the guide book from the library and snag the paper map that comes included.

Dried Fruit
Changing time zones and cuisines can really mess up your system. Put a package of nature’s best in your bag when you need a healthy and effective way to (ahem) get things going again. Many people eat prunes but I prefer dried apricots.

P.S. Some tips for packing light and travel guides to check out if you’re planning your next adventure.