8 Tips for French Style in the Summer

August 24, 2019



It’s tough to be chic in the summer but French women manage to pull it off even on the hottest days. You too can keep it effortlessly cool with these eight style tips.

1. All-navy is just as chic as all-black. While black will never go out of style, French women also love an all-navy look. It’s slightly dressed down compared to an all-black ensemble, which is perfect for the more casual months of summer.

2. Choose breathable fabrics. One way to keep the heat at bay is by wearing a natural fabric in a loose silhouette that allows air to flow freely. Stock your summer wardrobe with easy breezy linen tops and dresses in addition to cotton tanks, tees, and skirts.

3. Spend your money on high-quality items. French women love a good deal but they also know when to spring for something special. Make a trendy dress look more expensive by pairing it with a high-quality item like a beautiful leather bag or well-made sandals. It’s all about the mix!

4. Less is more when it comes to makeup. Having already perfected the “no makeup” look, the French seem to apply it with an even lighter touch in the summer. Most women wear tinted moisturizer with a little mascara and a tinted chapstick that just barely amps up their natural color.

5. Belts are the perfect finishing touch. What makes an outfit more chic? A leather belt, of course. Try it yourself by starting with a white tee and cotton skirt, and then cinching a leather belt around your waist. Boom, instantly stylish!

6. Carry the it bag of the summer. Though many French women carry classic leather bags, the most popular item of the summer is a cloth tote bag. It’s important your tote has graphics in black against a natural-colored background and that you pick up on the cheap at a favorite store or it’s gifted with another purchase. Either way, it gives your outfit a laidback summer vibe that shows you’re not trying too hard.

7.Bras are optional. When the temperature goes up, French ladies drop the pretense and go braless. It’s comfortable and quite sexy, especially if you’re wearing a strappy summer top. If you want a less risky option, try wearing Nippies. These silicon stick-on pasties allow you to go braless but still give you a bit of coverage

8. Staying cool is a state of mind. She may be hot as hell but a French woman would never admit it she’s overheating. Take a bathroom break to cool down or delicately dab the sweat from your brow with a napkin. Sure, it’s a game of pretend but the temperature probably won’t bug you as much if you don’t fixate on it.

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