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March 8, 2016

A Day in the Life | modernfrenchblog.com

7:00 am: My brother is the first person to wish me happy birthday and simultaneously wakes me up. All is forgiven since the text message also comes from my 11-month old niece. Shortly thereafter, my parents sing happy birthday in perfect harmony over the phone.

8:00 am: After I flip through the street style pics from Paris Fashion Week and listen to Toi mon toit by Elli Medeiros (an 80s French classic), I feel sufficiently energized to take on the first day of my 33rd year on this planet.

9:00 am: We’re off to Steelhead Coffee for the most perfect cappuccino ever and a scrumptious cheddar bacon scone. This neighborhood haunt delivers on deliciousness and the modern industrial design is just the icing on the cake.

10:00 am: I learn how to say, “Trente trois ans et toutes mes dents!” It rhymes nicely in French and hilariously translates to “33 years old and still have all my teeth!” We laugh at the corniness of it.

11:00 am: Just Eat It, a documentary about food waste, is showing so I drag Arnaud to see it. I instantly feel more informed but also slightly guilty for tossing the rest of an old salad the evening before.

1:00 pm: We pop in for a Vietnamese meal at Number Nine. I majorly heart this place for the uber-modern design and abundance of white as much as the pho made with free-range, grass-fed beef.

2:00 pm: For a while now, I’ve been dying to test-drive a Mini Cooper. Birthday girl gets what she wants so we take one for a spin at the local dealer. I tend to like the slightly older models, which makes trading my current car for a baby coops a real possibility!!!

4:00 pm: Arnaud gets the genius idea to make crepes for goûter aka French snack time. I eat mine with bananas and Nutella all the while pretending to be in Paris just like this video.

5:00 pm: Birthday wishes from friends and family swarm in. Each one puts a smile on my face. Meanwhile, I watch a Skillshare class titled Buy Smart, Taste More: Getting Started with Wine.

6:00 pm: Now that I know that much more about wine, I decide to put my new skills to use. We break open a new bottle and have a glass while Arnaud prepares a wood fire for a BBQ dinner.

7:00 pm: Neither of us is all that hungry so we forego the dinner. I sneak a few bites of the Olive Oil Roasted Leeks because it’s a Bon Appétit recipe that I tried for the first time. Two thumbs up!

8:00 pm: Welcome to the most ridiculous part of my day! One of the best moments of this past year was on a dance floor where I twirled around in a beautiful ball gown to some super poppy song while confetti rained down on me. We recreate this moment and film it for my co-workers.

9:00 pm: House of Cards just released a few days ago and I have somehow stopped myself from binging on the entire season. Tonight we cuddle up and watch the third episode together. I make a mental note to dress more chic like Claire Underwood.

10:00 pm: It’s bedtime for grandmas like me. I fall asleep in a haze of good times and good wine. It may only be the beginning of this year for me, but I can already tell it’s going be a good one.

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