A Francophile’s Review of Emily in Paris

October 18, 2020



Have you watched Emily in Paris?

Even though reviews have been harsh and the French critics hate it (hilariously cliché!), I found it terribly good and loved every moment.

Yes, Emily’s style is outlandish, characters lack depth, and the plot line is predictable. Her meteoric rise to social media fame doesn’t make sense and I’ve never seen someone from a marketing agency spend so much time away from their computer.

But can’t we just love it for what it is? A light romantic comedy that’s the perfect escape from this tough, painful year.

Gabriel is swoon worthy and the love triangle between him, Emily, and Camille is a satisfying trope for any rom-com fan. You can forgive Patricia Field for Emily’s kitschy outfits because she served us a decent amount of chicness via the French characters.

Each episode romanticizes life in France so much that you may find yourself planning a move to Paris. I say live in that dream world and count yourself lucky that you don’t have a French husband who will remind you of the harsh realities of la vie parisienne.

My only true complaint is that the show isn’t diverse. I’d love to see the next season feature a wider variety of races, body types, and people from different backgrounds. It’s probably too much to ask from the producer who brought us the white-dominated worlds of 90210 and Sex and the City.

However, if there’s one thing we learn from Emily in Paris, it’s that a girl can dream and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Hopefully rewatching episodes will keep the fantasy alive until this global pandemic is over.

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