Awesome Series for Foodies and Francophiles

March 12, 2018

Awesome New Series for Foodies and Francophiles | Alyssa Pacaut



What are you watching these days? I have a fun one for you to check out today.

Alice in Paris is short-form series where you get to explore a deliciously cute side of the City of Lights. Follow along with Alice, the quirky-yet-lovable main character, who’s appetite for food and life leads her all over Paris searching for her next favorite culinary delight. It’s a funny and fast-paced, and will make you hungry.

J’adore this show fully and completely! You’ll enjoy it too especially if you are a foodie or Francophile. Watch the first season here and the second season here.

P.S. Here’s what to pack for your wintery trip to France and some tips if you end up dining with the French while you’re there.