Describing My Minimalist Style

May 16, 2017

Describing My Personal Style | Alyssa Pacaut



I love thinking about my personal style. What to wear, where to buy it, why I wear it, and what it all means. These are the thoughts that run through my mind on a daily basis.

A while back Rubyellen from Cakies wrote a post about her personal style, which inspired me to write about my own minimalist style.

To sum up it up in three words, I’d say my style is classic, minimal, and comfortable.

Ever since I met the monsieur, my style has become increasing classic. Not really sure if it’s his French upbringing or the fact that he’s a designer who loves clean lines, but his impeccable taste has definitely influenced my shopping purchases.

A trench coat, black slacks, a couple button-ups, and some skinny jeans. It’s kinda like every capsule wardrobe that exists on the internet today. But hey, I love it and the upside of owning classic items is that they never really go out of style.

The actual number of clothing I own is pretty minimal because I’m constantly curating and cleaning things out. Patterns aren’t really my thing and I keep the colors minimal too. You know the drill: black, white, navy, gray, and beige. This makes it super easy to put together outfits because everything matches.

For the most part, I’m super basic and shop at mall stores like J Crew and Madewell. I (almost always) have my eye on a few pieces from Cuyana and APC, but my inner frugalista hasn’t allowed me to drop all that dough quite yet.

Being comfortable is increasingly important because I’m a grandma. I love me some stretchy fabrics and loose silhouettes. Also, teetering around in four inch heels is generally a thing of the past, but I keep one pair of stilettos around. Sometimes you gotta go a little wild, ya know?

I used to follow a lot of street style and fashion blogs, but I find myself doing that less and less. I guess you see one photo of Emmanuelle Alt in a button up and skinny jeans and, well, you’ve seen it all.

Overall, my personal style isn’t revolutionary and I’m not really setting any trends. But, I’m okay with that. Actually, I love that! Maybe it leaves room for my colorful personality or gives me space to overthink things like my personal style?

Ha ha, sorry for that bad joke. However, I’ll pat myself on the back because it was a nice way to come full circle.

P.S. Here’s what my wardrobe looks like in spring and summer, and here’s what it looks like in fall and winter.