French Connections

May 9, 2017

French Connections | Alyssa Pacaut

Vive la France, am I right? A big wave of relief washed through our petite maison this past Sunday when we heard the news of the French election. We already had a sushi making dinner party planned with our close friends, but a proper French celebration complete with saucisson sec and champagne is coming soon! In the meantime, here’s some links for you to enjoy.

Wine tasting tips from a sommelier.
Now that it’s spring, I’m dying to make these deviled eggs.
• You, your Le Creuset, and how to clean it.
Is Bardot your fave? Here’s how to get her look.
• What if France lost it’s Frenchness? Spoiler alert: I would die.
This is what minimalism is really about.
• Moisturizing your face à la française.
• Hilarious nature channel spoof on “the butterflies” at Paris Fashion Week.
My inner OCD is crying tears of joy over this new museum installation.