French Connections

July 2, 2018

French Connections | Alyssa Pacaut

One by one we gather around the table to pay our respects to Anthony Bourdain. A writer, a traveler, a cook, and all-around bad ass, Bourdain had deep roots in France and knew the divine simplicity of French dishes like coq au vin. And so, it makes sense to dedicate this round of French Connections to the man himself.

Read the article that launched his iconic career.
Why Bourdain was important to POCs.
A fave podcast dedicates an entire episode to everybody’s fave guy.
What it was like to travel with Tony.
Questlove pays tribute with a 600-song playlist.
Bourdain takes a look back at the father who shaped him.
On cooking at home with Anthony Bourdain.
Advice from his most recent cookbook (100% agree with the last tidbit).
A Video of one of his last interviews.

P.S. My own tribute to Anthony Bourdain and what I loved most about the man and his breadth of work.