French Connections

September 8, 2015

French Connections | Alyssa Pacaut

Did everyone have a lovely three-day weekend? My weekend was particularly lazy with lots of magazine flipping and wine sipping. Not that I’m complaining! Here’s a list of Frenchie-inspired links for all you Francophiles out there:

Rosé is crazy popular so now there is a rosé shortage. Noooooo!
• Great video how-to on classic French Onion Soup.
• We need to plan a party so I can make this modern cheese plate.
• Been listening to this song on repeat.
An ode to 99-cent Dijon mustard.
• Wine blending is hard work: One couple lives to tell the tale.
• I might just have to order this book. #guiltypleasures
• All the best of Julia Child in one place.
• A $7 Côtes du Rhône with character? Get thee to a Costco.
• Putting the punk rock into Washington wine.

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