French Summer Dinner Party Menu

July 18, 2017

French Summer Dinner Party Menu | Alyssa Pacaut

Summertime and the living’s is easy. There’s no need to slave all day at the stove when inviting people over during the summer. The following dinner party menu requires a minimal amount of time in the kitchen and highlights the best flavors of the season including tomatoes and rosé!

Dinner Party Menu

Saucisson Sec and Cornichons
Rosé-Aperol Spritz

Main Dishes
French Tomato and Dijon Tart
Simple Salad with French Vinaigrette

French-Style Yogurt Cake
Iced Tea

Dinner Party Tips and Tricks

In keeping with the easy breeziness of this dinner party, start the evening off with some sliced saucisson sec and teeny cornichon pickles aka the easiest appetizer ever. If you have time, do yourself a favor and order the saucisson sec from Olympic Provisions. If not, good ole Trader Joe’s has a salame secchi and a jar of cornichons that are pretty darn good.

All that saltiness of the apéritif is going to need something on the sweeter side. While a rosé-aperol spritz isn’t sugar city, it’s sweet enough to balance everything out.

The toughest part about this dinner party will be turning on the oven. My suggestion is to make the tomato tart first thing in the morning when there is still some semblance of coolness in the air. Then, you can serve it at room temperature later on in the day.

Pair the tart with a simple green salad of romaine lettuce with a traditional French vinaigrette and a glass of French rosé from Trader Joe’s because yes way.

Once you’ve lingered over the first two courses, it will finally be time for dessert. Again, morning baking is your friend so pop this yogurt cake in the oven when the day is cooler. You can even bake this cake a day ahead so that your oven isn’t doing double duty the day of the dinner party. This lemony cake goes well with a refreshing iced tea and will help you rehydrate after all that rosé.

P.S. Another rosé from Trader Joe’s that you may like and some tips on how to keep a dinner diary.