French Words: Pompette

September 29, 2015

French Words: Pompette

To know me is to know that I am a lush.

Just the other day a co-worker called me out, “I feel like all your stories start with: This one time I was in a bar…” While he’s absolutely correct, the funny thing is he’s ten years younger so shouldn’t it be the other way around? Also, note to self: re-evaluate storytelling policy at work.

Anyway, I digress. I’m the lush who received all alcohol-related gifts at my bridal shower and all wine-related cards for my last birthday. So, inevitably, my French friends like to tease me with alcohol-related words.

Pompette is a cute way to say that you are tipsy. It’s an adjective that reminds me of a bubbly cheerleader who’s had a few glasses of champagne (probably something to do with the whole pom pom thing).

It’s also way nicer than pochetronne (or pochtron for guys), the nickname given to me by our first French roommate. This word translates as drunkard, and conjures up an image of a village drunk with a potbelly and a big, red nose.

For obvious reasons, I prefer the pompette teasing to the pochetronne teasing. However, I’m naturally easy-going and will go along with either nickname, especially if I’m a little tipsy on account of some good, cheap wine.

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