Honest Review: The Everywhere Bag by Away

November 11, 2019



When it comes to anything made by Away, there certainly is a lot of hype. The brand is known for creating aesthetically pleasing suitcases and travel bags that are on the expensive side.

Earlier this year, I purchased The Everywhere Bag by Away. It’s gone on a quite a few trips so far including a camping trip, weekend getaway, a long two-week vacation, and quick work trip.

Today I’m sharing my honest opinion about this bag and will reveal if it’s truly worth the investment.


The Everywhere Bag by Away has a chic, classic shape that keeps well whether full or empty thanks to some innovative darting. There is no obvious branding except for a small logo that blends in with one of the leather straps. It comes in a variety of colors made from either water-resistant nylon for $195 or pebbled leather for $325.

I opted fo the nylon bag since it’s lighter, easier to clean, and (slightly) cheaper. Also, nylon isn’t as precious as leather so you don’t have to worry about scratching it up when slamming it into the overhead bin or shoving it underneath the seat in front of you.


The Everywhere Bag is full of features, including:

• Medium-sized open pocket
• Trolley sleeve with zippered pocket
• Six interior pockets including a laptop sleeve
• Leather key strap attached to the interior
• Hidden, waterproof umbrella pocket
• Removable shoulder strap

On the front of the bag, there is a medium-sized pocket perfect for those quick moments when you need to stash something small. I sometimes put my phone in there but wouldn’t leave it in there for a long time since the pocket is open and more susceptible to theft.

On the back, there is a trolley sleeve that fits over the suitcase handle so that your bag stays secure on the top of your suitcase. This makes it easy to maneuver your luggage through the airport without constantly worrying that everything will tip over.

The trolley sleeve also includes a zippered pocket with two partitions inside. I use it to stash our travel docs and passports while we’re traveling. I like the fact that these items are easy to access yet still feel secure thanks to the zipper.

The inside of the bag features six pockets including a laptop pocket, a large zippered pocket, and 4 smaller pockets. The laptop pocket fits up to a 15” laptop and is decent enough.

Personally, I find the small pockets a bit cumbersome. It’s easy to tuck things away but it’s just as easy to forget where you placed everything so I don’t use them much. The key strap is handy and helpful for keeping your keys in one place.

You can access a zippered, waterproof pocket from the bottom part of the bag that is sized for stashing a wet umbrella. Since I haven’t used it much, I looked around to see what other reviewers said and found that it’s a love/hate feature. One person mentioned that it’s tough to dry out that pocket after use and suggested

Lastly, the bag comes with a detachable strap but the hefty hardware and sturdy shoulder pad make it a bit heavy. I usually place the bag on top of my suitcase when traveling which renders the strap unnecessary for me.

Capacity and Use

The Everywhere Bag is best used as your personal carry-on item in tandem with a carry-on suitcase. It’s sized so that it meets the requirements of most airlines and it makes getting around so much easier when it’s plopped on top of a suitcase.

It could work for a weekend getaway if you are an extremely light packer or have another small backpack to go along with it. I also use it as a gym bag since it is the perfect size for a gym outfit, pair of shoes, and some toiletries.

One downside is that a fully-packed bag can weigh down the wheels of my suitcase so that I have to push a little harder to move everything around. Research reveals this is may be a particular quirk of the Away Carry-on Suitcase so you may not have this issue if you own a suitcase from another brand like Muji or Samsonite.


I love this bag and have no regrets about purchasing it.

There are quite a few pros but my three favorite features are that 1) it’s easy to slip the trolley sleeve over your suitcase and wheel in style, 2) most of pockets are useful and make it easy to organize your stuff while in transit (especially love the zippered trolley sleeve), and 3) it’s a beautiful design without any clear branding (a huge pro in my minimalist book!).

When it comes to cons, the sheer number of interior pockets make it hard to remember where you stashed things. Also, you may find it tougher to push around when your bag and suitcase are on the heavier side because they will weigh down on the wheels.

That said, these are minor downsides for me and I’m a huge fan of the Everywhere Bag by Away. 10 out of 10 would buy again!

P.S. Some tips on packing light and six things I always pack no matter where I’m going.