How I Shop the 5 Cent Wine Sale at BevMo

March 19, 2018

How I Shop the 5 Cent Wine Sale at BevMo | Alyssa Pacaut



The 5 Cent Wine Sale is an ongoing promotion at BevMo where you buy one bottle at full price and get the second bottle for five cents. It’s basically a cleverly named two-for-one deal.

Since it’s super easy to give in the Siren’s Call of all those red tags, I’ve come up with a way to the shop the sale so that I come home with six bottles instead of 12, 24, or more. I call it the 10-20-30 rule.

First up, get two bottles at the $10 price point. Challis Lane usually has a wine or two on the 5 Cent Sale and is consistently good. We served their Cabernet Sauvignon at our wedding and it passed the test of the French family.  Their Zinfandel is also highly rated and recommended.

Then, it’s time for the $20 bottles. I look for a wine on sale that is almost out of stock and grab two of the last remaining bottles. Sure, it’s a risky move but the idea here is that it’s a sought-after label and popular for a reason. You could also go for a tried-and-true brand like Main & Geary, Bodega Norton, or Zolo Gaucho.

For the two $30 bottles, search out a knowledgeable employee and get their opinion. It helps to lead them in a specific direction like, “I’m looking for a light pinot noir!” or “Can you help me find a classic French wine on sale?” They’ll usually respond with a few suggestions in a higher price range. Go with the one that sounds tastiest and comes in at $30 or lower.

Boom! You just got six bottles for $60 from the 5 Cent Sale, which is pretty good deal if you ask me. Now all you have to do is head home and enjoy your new finds. Cheers!

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