How to Pack for Iceland

November 18, 2019



Are you ready for the great outdoors? Iceland is a small island with beautiful landscapes to explore and breathtaking views everywhere you look.

Temps throughout the year range between the 30s to 50s but can sometimes get up to 70°F in the summer. Add in the possibility of rain any time of the year and you basically have to be ready for everything.

With unpredictable weather that can change at the drop of a pin, the key to your Icelandic packing game is some performance gear and layers. Lots and lots of layers.

Here’s a list that will allow you to pack light but still stay warm and dry no matter the temperature.

• White Tee (like this cotton crewneck from Everlane)
• Black Tee
• Striped Long Sleeve Tee (Boden makes a good one)
• Gray Long Sleeve Tee
• Warm Sweater (J Crew sweaters are my fave; Everlane cashmere is good quality and very warm)
• Black Fleece
• Black Jeans
• Denim Jeans
• Black Leggings
• Black Swim Suit (bring one from Andie for the pools and hot springs)
• Pajamas
• Bras
• Undies
• Socks

Winter Gear
• Beanie
• Scarf
• Gloves
• Waterproof Parka with Hood (this one from North Face is great)
• Waterproof Rain Pants (only necessary if you plan to do some hiking)
Heattech Top and Leggings
• Wool Socks

• Black Waterproof Boots (this pair is stylish yet waterproof)
• Black Sneakers
• Black Flip flops (wear them when visiting hot springs)

• Small Backpack (useful for day trips and light hikes)
• Water Bottle
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Toiletries
• Sleeping Mask (absolutely essential for long days filled with sunlight)

• Phone
• Cords and Multi USB Wall Charger
• European Electric Adapter

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