How to Recycle Your Wine Corks

May 21, 2018

How to Recycle Your Wine Corks | Alyssa Pacaut



At some point in your wine-loving life, you will amass a large number of wine corks.

It starts out innocently enough. You try a great wine and want a small momento so you tuck the cork away. Then, you drink a wine that has a cute design on the cork and you add it to the collection.

One day you wake up to a mountain of corks spilling out of the vases where you’ve tried to corral them and your minimalist heart just can’t take it anymore.

Allow me to introduce me to ReCORK, a company that collects your old natural wine corks and recycles them into new eco-friendly products.

Search for a drop-off location near you by going to the ReCORK website. It seems that BevMo is a partner so you can unload all your wine corks next time you stock up at their 5 Cent Wine Sale.

P.S. Avoid the need to recycle wine corks by drinking bottles with twist off caps like this vinho verde  or this French red. Both from Trader Joes, bien sûr!