In Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

June 26, 2018

In Tribute to Anthony Bourdain | Alyssa Pacaut

It’s always a bit shocking when an icon passes away. We all felt so connected to Anthony Bourdain, but his death was a reminder of how little we actually knew him.

Bourdain made his mark by unintentionally sculpting the food world into what it is today.

He pulled back the curtain to reveal the heroes of the back kitchen while simultaneously shining the light on the unabashed rock star chef.

He kicked the pomp and circumstance of formal dining to the side and focused us in on street food and the underdog joints.

He dedicated himself to what was good and true just like any modern day Hemingway would do.

While traveling to all ends of the earth, Bourdain opened our palates to new tastes and flavors. We discovered the simple joy of slurping noodles and the purity that is pork roasting over a fire.

Each bite with him was tantalizing, for sure, but his underlying message was always within reach: Always consider the history and culture behind a cuisine as much as the ingredients in the dish.

Like many of you, I’m grieving by reading his work, watching his shows, and listening to his interviews. In all of this searching, I’ve come across two meaningful ways to honor him.

Step 1: Get your favorite people around the table and break bread together. Like Bourdain showed us so many times, food is the world’s greatest connector and one of the simplest ways to show our love and respect for one another.

Step 2: Find the hidden gem of a restaurant in your hometown. Eat a meal, talk to the owners, and then put the place on blast and give them the exposure they deserve.

In short, be your own Bourdain and carry on the culinary legacy he worked so hard to build.

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