Low Buy Challenge Check In

April 20, 2020



When I announced a low buy challenge on New Year’s Day, I thought that resisting the urge to shop would be the most challenging thing I faced this year.

The first couple months were tough. It quickly became clear that I’d been using shopping as a way to avoid my feelings and suddenly I was forced to feel all my feelings. That was a doozy.

Little did I know the corona virus would show up and give us all a new definition of challenging. Since I’m sticking with the low buy amidst all this craziness, I wanted to update you on how it’s going so far.

What I Bought

So far I’ve purchased two pairs of black high waist yoga leggings and a grey wool scarf from Muji.

I also ordered a pair of Everlane jeans but returned them after realizing I already owned a similar pair. Additionally, I bought and returned these Nisolo oxfords. They were made well but the almond color was a bit too yellow for my taste.⁠

That puts my low buy count at three and I’m pretty proud of that. To compare, I’d already purchased 15 things at this point last year. What a change!

What’s Helped

Distraction has been the best way for me to avoid shopping. I’ve kept busy by scheduling more hang outs with loved ones and reviving old hobbies like reading. It’s probably helps that these activities not only fill my time but also fill my soul so there’s less of an emotional need to shop.

Tracking my wears has also been helpful! It’s become a daily reminder of how many great things I already own and that I don’t need much to be chic. I’ve also taken to journaling most mornings since it’s healthy way to process my feelings.

I originally thought a detailed wishlist would help me make more intentional purchases but I changed it up so often that it became annoying to maintain. Now I simply bookmark items in a Wishlist folder and find that I don’t really want most of these things after a week or so.

Moving Forward

Overall, I feel like I’m on track with this low buy challenge. My impulse shopping seems to be in check and I’m consuming way less than before. There were some pretty big emotional bumps in the road but thankfully they led me to find some healthier coping mechanisms.

At the time being, I’m only spending on essentials so it looks like we’re going into a no buy challenge for a while purely out of necessity. I’m hoping we can flatten the curve and get back to a semi-normal life sometime soon.

P.S. The best (and worst) clothes in my minimalist closet and a spring capsule wardrobe for some inspiration.