Low Buy Challenge

January 1, 2020



It’s been years that I’ve been curating my minimalist wardrobe and spreading the whole “less is more” message. But then, life got tough and I went back to using shopping as a way to cope.

All of a sudden my minimalism got really maximalist and in two short years I spent more than $5,000 on 120 items. That’s a lot of money spent on a lot of clothing!

This year I’ll be doing Low Buy Challenge as a way to (hopefully) take back control of my closet and wallet.

Low Buy Challenge

A Low Buy Challenge is when you limit your spending for a certain time period.

You can apply it to all areas of your spending or just focus on one specific category. The length of the challenge can vary from one month to a few months or up to a year.

I plan to limit my clothes shopping for a full year!

Low Buy Rules

Any challenge needs a set of rules or guidelines. Here’s what I settled on for my Low Buy Challenge:

1. Set some limits.
I’ll be limiting my purchases to 20 pieces. Purchases include anything added to my minimalist wardrobe from new pieces, thrifted finds, replacements, and basics. It does not include undies and socks but my goal is to only replace these items when they are worn out.

2. Stick to the detailed wishlist.
In an effort to avoid impulse buys, I’m hoping to stick to a detailed wishlist. I’ll list the item and key qualities like color, fabric type, and design details. This way I’ll remember exactly why I want something, and it will be harder to talk myself into buying something that doesn’t meet my requirements.

3. Ask buying questions.
Whenever you are going to make a purchase, you can ask yourself specific questions that will help you figure out if a purchase is worthwhile. My questions are: Are you buying it because you feel bored or lonely? Is it high quality? Is it comfortable? Will it fill a gap in your wardrobe?

4. Be aware of shopping triggers.
In order to stay intentional with my shopping, I’m keeping an eye out for shopping triggers. Sales at favorite stores and shopping to cure boredom are big triggers for me. I also tend to go off the rails when prepping for an upcoming trip or special event.

5. Prepare for a failure.
While it seems counterintuitive to prep for a failure, slipping up is pretty typical when changing habits. Instead of beating myself up, I’ll simply focus on learning from the mistake and get back on track.


There we have it! I’m kicking off the new year with a Low Buy Challenge in an effort to put the minimal back into my minimalism.

While I’m excited to enjoy the curated closet I’ve spent years building, I’m kinda scared about exploring the emotional side of why I’ve been shopping so much. But perhaps it’s better to process everything instead of covering it up with stuff.

Either way, it’s going to be quite the journey. I’ll be sharing more here, of course, and over on Instagram. Wish me luck!

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