Mexican Holiday Dinner Party Menu

December 5, 2017

Mexican Holiday Dinner Party Menu | Alyssa Pacaut

If you haven’t noticed, December has arrived and everyone is in full holiday party mode. It’s already a challenge to cook for a large crowd, but doing so during the busiest season of the year? Yikes.

Meet my friend Mexican food, a crowd-pleasing cuisine that everyone loves and is fairly easy to cook. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to serve a vegetarian-friendly meal without the meat eaters noticing.

Dinner Party Menu

Rum Spiked Horchata
Chips with Restaurant-Style Salsa

Main Dishes
Mexican Chopped Salad
Cheese Enchiladas
Mexican Red Rice
Pinto Beans
Rosé, Coronas, and Mexican Coke

Tres Leches Cake

Dinner Party Tips and Tricks

Ready to get this fiesta started? First, whip up a pitcher of rum horchata. It has that “dreaming of a White Christmas” feeling but without the controversial taste of egg nog. Plus, pitcher cocktails are your friends a big parties because people can serve themselves.

This drink goes well with chips and restaurant-style salsa. You can make the salsa from scratch or ask your friend to pick them up on the way overr. Pro tip: Ask the friend who always arrives early so that appetizer arrives on time too.

For the main course, set out a buffet of sublimely cheesey enchiladas to go with a Mexican chopped salad, Mexican red rice, and pinto beans. If you are an over-achiever, then you can make cheese enchiladas with red sauce and chicken enchiladas with green sauce to win all the Christmas-themed points. For the rest of us, make the enchiladas and then farm out the rest of the dishes to good cooks or good people who will pick something up from the local Mexican joint.

All of this great food deserves an ice-cold drink. Provide a variety of options for drinkers and non-drinkers alike including rosé, Coronas, and bottles of Mexican Coke. A pitcher of water on the side probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Finally, end your dinner party with a sheet of Tres Leches cake. Make it the morning of the party so you have time for everything else. Those living in the Los Angeles area are contractually obligated to go to order the cake from Porto’s because it’s absolutely fantastic and pretty darn affordable too. Sign on the line here and then thank me later!

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P.S. Get a bottle of rosé from Trader Joe’s like the J.L. Quinson or the Les Portes de Bordeaux.