Minimalist Shoe Collection

January 22, 2019



Since I’ve shared different variations of my minimalist wardrobe throughout the years, I thought I would do a deep dive into my shoe collection.

You’ll notice I have a similar approach to footwear as I do to the rest of my closet. That being 1) keep it neutral, 2) keep it classic, and 3) invest in higher quality pieces when budget allows.

While my shoe collection is stylish, comfort is also a priority. It was fun to clonk in high heels during my twenties but most of the sky-high stilettos are gone because I now favor flats or low heels. I sometimes wear high heels when going out but only when I know I won’t be on my feet all evening.

My shoe collection can basically be sorted into twos so that’s how I organized the list. Here’s a rundown of what I currently own:

Two Pairs of Boots
• Black Chelsea Boots: The perfect everyday boot, so comfy and classic.
• Black Booties: Since this boot has a bit of a heel on it, it’s great for date night or a fancier outfit when getting wine with my girlfriends.

Two Pairs of”Functional” Shoes
• Black Nike Sneakers: Couldn’t get by without a pair of athletic sneakers for walking, hiking, and the two times a year I run.
• Black Waterproof Boots: Since we live in California, I’ve always avoided buying snow-specific boots but ended up getting this pair for our trip to Iceland. Best purchase ever! They keep my feet toasty and have a good treading so that you don’t slip in the snow.

Two Pairs of Sneakers
• White Vans Sneakers: Best for loungin’ around on the weekend! I often wear with jeans but they also look cute with skirts and shorts.
• Black Adidas Sneakers: These sneakers are super comfortable and are perfect fo massive amounts of walking. They usually find their way into my suitcase when we go on trips.

Two Pairs of Work Shoes
• Ballet Flats: The easiest, comfiest shoe to slip on for work, and well, every day really. I wear these so often that I usually buy a new pair once a year.
• Pointy Patent Flats: The patent makes them feel special and the pointy shoe is different enough to add some variety to my work outfits.

Two Pairs of Mid-Heel Sandals
• Black Block-Heel Sandals: Once spring hits, I pretty much live in these. They go great with everything including jeans, skirts, or dresses.
• Nude High Heels: I rotate this pair in when I’m wear navy or need a pair of dressy shoes in a color other than black.

Two Pairs of Summer Sandals
• Nude T-Strap Sandals: Super solid sandals that have already made it through four summers! Couldn’t survive the hot summers without them.
• Black Flip Flops (not pictured): These my favorite shoes for the beach. I also wear them around the house (sometimes with socks much to my husband’s chagrin).

Bonus Pair of High Heels
• Black High Heels: As you can see, I love this minimalist sandal style. The heels on these babies are high so I only really wear them for weddings and special events where we’ll be able to sit down.

It’s been a few years now that I’ve owned these classic styles and I usually only buy a new pair to replace one that has worn out. However, this wasn’t always the case! Shoes used to be a weak point for me and I would browse the racks at Marshalls on an almost weekly basis.

It took me a long time to avoid the shopping urge so I could whittle my shoe collection down to the pairs I really, truly love and wear. Habits don’t change overnight and I stumbled a lot during the process (thank god for forgiving return policies).

Just sharing to remind you that Rome wasn’t built in a day and a shoe collection doesn’t go minimalist overnight. If you are just starting your journey to a minimalist wardrobe, don’t worry too much about getting it perfect right off the bat. Take your time and you’ll eventually get to good place with your shoe collection too.

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