Recap of 2018 Food and Wine Resolutions

December 24, 2018

At the beginning of the year, I shared some resolutions and am super happy that I did. Putting these goals out into the world made them feel more real and helped push me to try a few new things.

Here’s a quick recap of what I set out to do and how it all went down.

Focus on a Few Recipes
What a success! Choosing a recipe and cooking it regularly was a great way to master each dish. I got pretty good at roasting chicken, baking no-knead bread, and making some French stews such as coq au vin and beef bourguignon. It’s nice to have some recipes I can lean on for when we are entertain. Also, I feel one step closer to my ultimate goal of being a French grandma. Yay!

Start a Wine Club
After procrastinating most of the year, I finally nailed down a good time for our wine club meetings. We met once a month to try three wines that were focused around a loose theme (i.e. Pinot Noirs from Oregon or French Rosés). It was fun to try different wines and talk about them a little but the best part was that I got to see some of my favorite people on a regular basis. Our busy schedules eventually got in the way but I’d love to revive the club in the new year.

Shop at the Farmer’s Market
Huzzah! I finally got over my weird fear of the farmer’s market and went a few times. Although the produce was more expensive, they were super tasty and higher quality. I also loved the wide variety and got a chance to try new things like romanesco and purple radishes.

Unfortunately, the location and timing wasn’t very convenient for me. Plus, I still needed to shop at the grocery store to fill the gap for other items. Since I’m a fan of efficiency, I’ve decided to stick to one-stop shopping at my beloved Trader Joe’s.

Throw a Dinner Party Where Anything Goes
As a certified planner to a T, it was cute to think that I could plan an unplanned dinner party. While the pasta extravaganza didn’t exactly pan out, there were plenty of times this year that we hosted last-minute dinners thanks to my husband who is much better at going with the flow.

Once I realized that people are just as happy with something easy as they are with a fancy three-course meal, I was able to relax and join in on the fun. It was a good reminder that Martha Stewart-like perfection isn’t really the point of entertaining. It’s all about good food, good wine, and good times!

Try Subscribing to a CSA Box
When I tried out a produce delivery from Imperfect Produce, I quickly realized this was not the thing for me. Some people like getting surprised with new fruits and veggies each week; I prefer to pick and choose what I’m going to eat. Some people don’t mind that their box of produce is sitting on the front porch for most of the day; I couldn’t get past the mental picture that it was extra dirty even though that wasn’t the case. Probably won’t be doing this again but glad I tried it out.

Plan a Neighborhood Potluck
There was no neighborhood get-together this year and, to be honest, I feel like we got even more distant from our neighbors. Yikes! No plans to try tackling this one in the new year. It seems that it’s not really a priority for us and I’d rather spend our free time with our loved ones anyways.

So there we have it: I set out to do six new things this year and dutifully made my way through the list. Some goals turned out well and some didn’t, but each one helped me learn a little bit more about myself and our preferences. Looking forward to more wining and dining in 2019!

P.S. Here’s the full post on last year’s goals.