November 14, 2017

Together | Alyssa Pacaut

It’s been an intense year.

The headlines, the tweets, the hate. It all started to get to me about halfway through the summer.

Was it right to be writing about wine when people were being denied basic human rights? Did I feel good dreaming up dinner parties when protests were regularly erupting into violence? The short answer was no so I decided to take a break from blogging.

A season later and here we are. The headlines and tweets aren’t much better and, unfortunately, the hate seems to have been dialed up significantly.

Things seemed pretty dismal until some of my knee jerk reactions started to kick in. In the middle of chaos, I seek simplicity. In the face of hate, I choose love. In times of disparity, I crave togetherness.

In my opinion, the easiest way to bring people together is around the dinner table.

It’s a place where the food fills up our bellies and the conversation feeds our soul. Where we can reflect on the past and plan for the future. Where we can set aside our differences and remember how much we all have in common.

Being together just may be the perfect antidote to this chaotic world. Adding food and wine only makes it that much better!

So, consider me a woman on a mission to bring people together. Spreading love with every tasty bite and fighting hate one glass of wine at a time.

What does that mean for this space?

While wining and dining have always played a part in this blog, they are about to take center stage. Expect more wine reviews, dinner party menus, and entertaining tips. Who knows?! I may even start a wine club (you’re digitally invited, of course) or share some photos of our dinner parties with you.

Hopefully, all of this will inspire you to bring people together more often and we can slowly tip the scales away from hate and a little closer to love.

P.S. Join me in bringing people together with one of these dinner party menus or a great bottle of wine.