Trader Joe’s Wine: Familia Nueva Vineyards Liberté Pinot Noir

January 16, 2018

Wine Review: Liberté Pinot Noir



Wine: Familia Nueva Vineyards Liberté Pinot Noir
Region: San Luis Opispo, California
Retailer: Trader Joe’s
Price: $9.99

Sometimes your girlfriends just know what’s up. They text you links to inspiring blog posts about feminism, share GIFs about politics that make you laugh, and bring over an awesome bottle of wine that quickly becomes your new favorite.

In the glass, this wine is light colored on the edges with a semi-opaque ruby red at the center. The nose is cherry-forward with an aroma of burnt brandy or caramelized orange. Some sniffs came out like a red Sour Patch Kid, but there was always a tobacco-light quality to it as well.

At first taste, this wine is full-on cranberry juice with a bit of earthy vanilla. The aftertaste rounds out to strawberry with a toothsome sourness. It definitely has a more rustic appeal than the delicate French wines we tend to favor, but no complaints here because this is a very solid California Pinot Noir at a really great price.

If you are going the wine and cheese route, a pinot noir like this goes really well with Comté cheese. The earthiness of the wine also pairs well with sautéed mushrooms atop creamy polenta or a lasagna made with roasted veggies. Or you could take a note from the back of the bottle and pour it when you are eating spanakopita or a lobster bisque.

P.S. One of those delicate French wines I was talking about and another great red wine from Trader Joe’s.