Trader Joe’s Wine: Les Portes de Bordeaux Rosé

July 7, 2015

Wine Review: Les Portes de Bordeaux Rosé



Wine: Les Portes de Bordeaux Rosé
Country: France
Retailer: Trader Joe’s
Price: $5.99

It’s officially summer in Southern California, and the only antidote to this perpetual heat is an ice-cold glass of rosé. My bottle of choice this summer is the Les Portes de Bordeaux Rosé. Crisp-tasting and more dry than sweet (a big plus in my book!), this good cheap wine goes for about $6 at Trader Joe’s.

A few sniffs before drinking the wine reveals some strawberry and citrus notes, almost like a strawberry lemonade. On the mouth, it has a light raspberry taste with hints of watermelon and another blast of citrus. It’s a bit acidic at first but finishes round. In two words, it’s delightful and refreshing.

Since rosé is like summer water (just ask the girls over at Yes Way Rosé), it tends to go well with typical summer dishes such as a salade niçoise, grilled chicken or pork, or a picnic-style meal of charcuterie, bread, and a young chevre cheese. You could also do as the French do and serve it on pizza night, or go wild and pair it with something spicy like an Indian or Thai curry.

Whatever you do, be sure to serve it while the temps are high (i.e. when rosé tastes the best) and with good company around. À votre santé!

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