Wine Review: Magistrate Merlot

November 10, 2015

Wine Review: Magistrate Merlot |

Wine: Magistrate Merlot
Region: Paso Robles
Retailer: Ralphs
Price: $19.99*

Now that fall has finally arrived, we’re bidding adieu to the crisp white wines and rosés of the summer and saying bonjour to the hearty reds. This merlot perfectly fits the bill.

On the nose, it’s a berry explosion with a bit of spice. It also smells like my childhood because my parents were big merlot drinkers and would always bust out a bottle on fancy occasions. Though they would serve us Martinelli’s, I knew that the purple stuff was where it was at so I would pester them incessantly until they let me take a sip.

Apparently, this was a hint of what was to come. A foray into zee future. Some foreshadowing in the novel of my life…but I digress. No surprise that the first taste hits you with berries, specifically cherries and blackberries. It’s sweet with some wine reviewers even reporting notes of chocolate and toffee, but the dryness of the wine helps balance it out.

A punchy, flavor-filled wine like this deserves something equally solid. Meat loaf, lasagna, or pasta with red sauces are all fine choices and also happen to be the foods of my childhood. Beef in any shape or form also works well (i.e. steak in a red wine sauce, spaghetti and meatballs, and even burgers).

* Listed at this price but Ralphs always has a sale so I actually got it for under $13.

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