Trader Joe’s Wine: Moonlight & Rosés Rosé

June 11, 2018

Wine Review: Moonlight and Rosés Rosé | Alyssa Pacaut



Wine: Moonlight & Rosés Rosé
Region: Provence, France
Retailer: Trader Joe’s
Price: $8.99

Summer + Wine = Rosé. It’s an equation we all know very well and practice regularly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Later if that Indian summer hits again.

At first sniff, this rosé has hints of apricot and lychee with a floral edge. Since it’s made in Provence, the taste is dry with notes of citrus and cantaloupe. The mouthfeel has a certain  softness and fullness, which reminds me of a pink-tinged golden sunset. It’s absolutely delicious and you’ll know what I mean when you try it.

This wine feels high-end for the low price tag. Not surprising once you learn that they are a sister wine to Brad and Angelina’s Miraval rosé. Let us take a moment to recognize Trader Joe’s for seeking out great winemakers and selling the bottles at affordable price points. Let’s also send them a thank you for their quirky sense of humor when naming products (it’s a play on the popular song Moonlight and Roses).

Like I always say, the best pairing for rosé is a summer day. However, we’re trying to eat more veggies so here are some vegetarian dishes that go well with this wine: grilled peppers and zucchini, crudité served with a homemade aioli, steamed artichokes with butter, pasta with a creamy alfredo sauce made from cauliflower, and a veggie burger with cheese and secret sauce.

P.S. Another affordable French rosé from Trader Joe’s and here’s yet another while we’re at it. Vive le pink wine!

P.P.S. Did I tell you I finally started a wine club? During a recent meeting, we reviewed three rosés from Trader Joe’s and this one was everyone’s favorite hands down in case you need more convincing.