Trader Joe’s Wine: Tertre du Moulin Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

January 31, 2019



Wine: Tertre du Moulin Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
Region: Bordeaux, France
Retailer: Trader Joe’s
Price: $15.99

French wines often have a delicate nature but not this red blend from Bordeaux! It has plenty of character but not in an overwhelming way, which makes it a great wine to serve at your next dinner party.

At first look, this wine has a dark, ruby red color similar to a garnet gemstone. It’s opaque at the center and slightly see-through at the edge of the glass. The nose is all spice with some stand-out notes of cinnamon, plum, and tanned leather.

The taste starts out sweet with a blend of chocolate, plums, and other mature fruits. This develops into a slightly spicy finish with hints of aged oak. Tannins are definitely present in this wine, but they are balanced and well integrated so that it’s a pleasing addition to the flavor of the wine.

When pairing this Bordeaux with food, go ahead and go bold like you would with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Steaks, brisket, and burgers are all great companions for this strong red with a spicy base. It also goes well with lamb.

Any side dish that pairs well with red meat also makes a great pairing for this wine such as french fries, scalloped potatoes, caramelized mushrooms, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and roasted Brussel sprouts. If cheese is more your thing, stay classic with a cheddar or try something new with a Roquefort cheese.

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